Important Notes

~ You need a North Carolina Hunting license before you can Apply for a Swan permit or book a hunt with us.

~ You are required to have your Permit signed when Hunting.

~ You only have a 90 day window to get your permit application in. This last from July to end of sept. Must be in by Oct. 1 .

~ You can buy a 6 Day hunt License on-line and Post date your arrival . Click Here

~ You can get permit application on line. Click Here or you can call information in after July 2.

~ There may be a reciprocal Liscense fee for some states. Click Here , then go to non-resident hunting license.

~ Apply in Groups of up to 5 people to increase your chances at a permit. If your group is larger than 5, just start another party hunt.


Steps to applying for Swan Permit.


1. You required to have a NC hunting License, NC HIP certification and State Waterfowler License. All of this is prior to applying for Swan Permit or booking a hunt. You can get all of this information online at: or Click here

~ A normal NON-resident short term (6 day) is the shortest license is $40.00

If you are an adjoining State. There is a reciprocal license cost for adjoining states to NC. There is a recipical License fee in VA, TN, SC, GA.

~ The State waterfowl privilege is $10.00

~ The HIP Certification is Free.

NOTE: So you will need to have all the above to hunt Swans or be eligable for a permit drawing. This means you will have to be committed to min. of $50.00 before you get to apply for a permit or book a hunt.
All of the above is can be applied for ON-Line. at the website above.

2. The Swan permits can not be applied for on-line. There is 2 ways to apply for the permit. One way is to download the PDF application ( Click here) and just fill it out and send it in with the application Fee. The second way is to call NC Wildlife Commision at 1-888-2HUNTFISH (1-888-248-6834) OR 919-707-0391 and give them the info over the phone. You can also use this number to call for the non-resident hunting license.

~ There is a $10.00 non refundable fee for this application.

~ Applications for the upcoming year will start around the first of July 1st. To find out when this available look at the NC Wildlife website on the first of July and
a new application will be posted with the correct season dates.


Application are accepted from July 1 up to October 1, Then the drawing takes Place. Who was awarded a permit is then posted on the Wildlife Commissions Web site. So we will know if our customers have been selected. You can find this information after Oct. 15 by Clicking here look for see if I was selected for a permit hunt and enter your info. The permit will be sent in the mail shortly after the drawing.

Note: You increase your chances by signing into a party hunt. Up to 5 people can apply for a party hunt. After 5, you need to start another. That's why I say group hunts are a plus. The way a Party style hunt works is:, when they draw names for permits. If one of the names in the party comes up, then the whole party will be awarded permits. As long as all have the proper license. We have had a 97% success rate on customers getting permits. An individual only has one chance at getting their name drawn.

3. These permits will have to be on the person while hunting. You will attach the permit to your swan and notch out the date of kill. Permits must be signed before the hunt begins.

4. There is a questionnaire that comes with the swan permit. To be eligible for another hunt in the future this will have to be filled out and sent in.

Party Hunt

~ Party hunts are the best way to increase your chances for a drawing on your Swan Permit.

Here is how to make a party hunt: Up to 5 people are allowed in a party hunt. If you have more just start another party. To do this, just fill out your Swan Permit Application and have 5 other people fill out their Swan Hunt Applications. There is a box on the Application that asks if this is a party hunt, check yes and have the other 4 people do the same. Send all the applications in the same envelope and you are now a party hunt. The other way is to get the license number from your license and the license number from your other members of you party and call the NC Wildlife and when they ask if you want to make a party? or join existing party? answer yes to make a party. Then add the other party members by liscense to your party.

All of this may sound difficult, but it really isn't. The NC Wildlife Commission is normally very helpful on these matters. Here is the numbers: automated answer -888-2HUNTFISH
(1-888-248-6834) OR for a person to talk to during business hrs 919-707-0391






We have a 100% success rate.

  There is very few days in a season that the weather prohibits Swans from flying out to feed. Snows, Extreme Cold and High wind Rain Storms. In the event of those conditions, customers will be informed prior to arrival for hunt and be given an alternate day to hunt.

 Most hunts last generally a half a day. Rarely do we hunt all day for the Party to tag out. We will hunt as long as required in a day for customers to get their Swan.

 If we feel the hunting was poor. We will let customers have another day of hunting at a reduced cost in order to harvest their swan. Normally half price.

  In cases where poor shooting prevents a harvest, a customer will have five attempts at reasonable shotgun range at their Swan before the guide concludes the hunter is incapable of taking a swan. At that time, the hunter will have finished the hunt and be invited back for another hunt for a reduced fee. This will be only after the hunter has practiced some type of wing shooting and feels confident of their skills.  Remember USFWS, Says a Swan that is hit by shot is a dead swan. So shooting cripples are considered a bagged swan. If you knock him down he is yours.

If a customer books an afternoon hunt and is unsuccessful due to poor flight, he will be welcome to hunt the next morning for no extra charge.

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